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Here’s some info about me.

Fábio Barbosa's headshot

I’ve always lived in between worlds. Firstly, as a native bilingual born in the Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic, halfway between two continents and cultures. Then, while attempting to reconcile many different careers and beliefs in a state of flux. And presently, as a digital nomad, wandering around the world without belonging anywhere.

After dropping out of Journalism and Media Studies, I started my career as a podcaster and radio broadcaster. Five years later, I moved on to mainland Portugal, and thus to the world of marketing and advertising. There I had the chance to work as a freelance web developer, copy and scriptwriter, designer and English—Portuguese translator.

Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to work with both local and international brands, either directly or as a recruited partner, on TV and digital campaigns, branded content and native advertising.

I have also pitched and authored several entertainment and documentary formats for all screens, and have been asked to code, curate and manage a number of interactive media platforms.

In my spare time, I am an amateur researcher and author in the fields of mythology and spirituality, interested in the intersection of the Perennial Wisdom and the many earth-based and mystery traditions. I have published several articles in like-minded media, in which I expound on our urgent need for a non-dualistic and empathic way of living. I am also the editor of the Ophiusa magazine, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids’ periodical publication for Portuguese speakers.

Besides that, I am a poet, a fountain pen nerd, an incorrigible Eurovision fan and a budding polyglot, currently working my way through German syntax and the Swedish pitch tone.