I would say that paying attention, or rather, cultivating your attention, is of essence. If you do not meditate already, start now. Take up a basic mindfulness exercise: become aware of your breath, focus on a spot between your eyes, on your forehead, or wherever it comes easier for you.

In time, you may want to add some questions to your practice as you get more and more used to this calm and this deeper awareness. Calm and awareness usually bring forth one other. Because there is a Presence within Silence, and being conscious is the way to find it.

This encounter is made of listening and demands in equal parts. We could call it “prayer”. Whenever you remain in Silence, ask for your path to manifest itself; commit yourself to being open and to giving yourself to whatever it may bring you, for any path worthy of your life will surely be the greatest adventure of all, from which no one gets out alive. The truth is that you will never enter the Promised Land. However, you shall get a glimpse of it from afar, and you will be grateful for it.

Ask, and then listen.

Search for the Presence in the depths of Silence with the ardor of a lover. Knock on its door night and day, until the last of your days, when you will finally be given access to the inner chambers. Let yourself be devoured by the love of Silence, for Silence itself alone.

Read. Read a lot, both that which makes you more curious and that which bothers you the most, for there is enormous value in stumbling stones.

But be warned that the letter of the law, and all prose, is death. Essentially, what you are seeking is a knowledge of all things and of life itself, which must spring out of a most intimate and greatest need in your soul; if this were not the case, you would not feel such a desire to seek it. This is a Path of many roads, but Nature is the master of all. And the poets are its prophets.

Become aware of life in general. See all things as if they were in constant dialogue. Know that you too are part of this ongoing conversation.

Be compassionate, especially to yourself. Know that the Soul always knows what it is doing, and that the Self only does what it knows best. Whenever you are in doubt or exhausted, come back to the essential: be aware and pay attention. See the world for the first time. Like a newborn baby.

Always remember what made you ask, “Where do I start?” That will be the greatest and most beautiful thing you will ever come across in your path.

The disquiet. The desire. The need to keep traveling onwards.